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Your business relies on referrals from realtors in order generate referral pipelines, but identifying the key realtor relationships that will drive the most revenue is challenging and sometimes impossible. Sales teams and managers lack the proper technology and tools to know where to focus their time and how to track progress, and most organizations leadership teams are unaware of realtor relationships walking out the door during times of turnover.

LenderLogix is a data and analytics platform that was built by mortgage professionals for top performing mortgage lenders. W e allow you to identify the most valuable realtor relationships in the markets you serve and use automation to foster more efficient engagement with those realtors

The current landscape is saturated with systems that provide low engagement, one way, drip marketing to buyers and/or realtors. LenderLogix's data and analytics platform provides actionable business intelligence, illuminating key relationships, and automates the information delivery allowing you to win relationships and extract maximum value in a high-engagement fashion

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Don’t give your home buyers a pre-qualification letter. Give them an app!

QuickQual gives your borrowers the tools they need to make informed decisions. Instead of issuing static pre-qualification letters, Loan Officers issue a link where the borrower downloads their own customized QuickQual app. Using the app, borrowers are able to run their own payment scenarios on the houses they’re looking at. As long as the numbers fall within the range the Loan Officer authorized, the borrower is able to issue a pre-qualification or pre-approval letter right from the app.

Treat your borrowers to the mobile experience they expect.

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Property Geocoder

Success as a Mortgage Loan Officer or Realtor is often determined by one’s ability to offer specific and relevant information to the client faster than the competition.

Using LenderLogix’s Property Geocoder App, mortgage and real estate professionals can quickly and efficiently check specific addresses and locations to determine CRA and USDA mortgage loan eligibility. Armed with this information, loan officers and realtors can prove themselves as informed, resourceful and customer focused to their clients and referral sources.

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