Transform Your Mortgage Lending with LiteSpeed™

LiteSpeed is the mortgage Point-of-Sale designed for Encompass® users by former mortgage lenders. Enjoy a custom-branded application that seamlessly works across all devices, ensuring easy and secure document collection.

Provide homebuyers, loan officers, and support staff with a streamlined and exceptional experience. LiteSpeed delivers faster leads, more complete applications, and simplified document management—all at a cost-effective price and ready to launch in just a few weeks.

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LiteSpeed on a mobile device LiteSpeed on a mobile device LiteSpeed on a mobile device

Optimize Early Engagement

First impressions drive conversions. With LiteSpeed, you can maximize your Encompass® investment by efficiently delivering the seamless borrower experiences you'd expect from a big-name POS without all the extra bells and whistles... and inflated invoices.

On a custom-branded responsive web application that works seamlessly on desktops, tablets, and mobile phones, prospective borrowers are guided through singular, auto-advancing application questions that boast animated iconography and dynamic messaging. They then receive confirmation emails with the next steps, a secure document upload link, and more from their selected loan officer. A true high-touch workflow.

With information saved to Encompass within 90 seconds, it's never been easier to collect and nurture mortgage leads.

LiteSpeed on a desktop device

Bar chart rising Lenders across the country using LiteSpeed receive initial application information from over 50% of the visitors to their LiteSpeed page.

Mortgage point of sale designed from the ground up for mortgage lenders like you

Designed for rapid implementation and minimal internal support requirements, LiteSpeed provides borrowers a white-labeled, digitally native user experience that helps lenders gain more leads faster and increase application rates to drive conversion.

Technology that compounds your existing Encompass® investments

As an ICE Mortgage Technology™ Gold Partner, LenderLogix has built a direct integration between LiteSpeed and Encompass® to ensure lenders can operate in a seamless environment from the first point of contact through closing to maximize their loan origination system (LOS) investment.

Affordable technology aligned with mortgage lender budgets

With LiteSpeed, mortgage lenders of all sizes gain the POS functionality essential to competing effectively in today’s digitally-driven mortgage market at a price point aligned with their organization’s size and budgetary needs.

Integrations with your business partners

LiteSpeed is already integrated with many of the existing systems your team already works with and if it isn't yet we're happy to make the connection.

Shield Lenders using LiteSpeed see 75% of their LiteSpeed files receive an uploaded document via the secure upload link within 24 hours.

More than just an online mortgage application

The LiteSpeed Needs List uses smart dynamic document names and behavioral psychology to encourage borrowers to upload the right documents when you need them, keeping your borrowers engaged and committed from the beginning to the end of the mortgage process.

Bilingual support for native Spanish speakers

LiteSpeed offers a Spanish version of the residential loan application to support communication with Spanish-speaking borrowers in their native language to ensure they enter the home buying process with greater confidence and a clearer understanding of the transaction.

Branding support for today's mortgage lender

More and more mortgage lenders are utilizing joint ventures and individual branch branding to differentiate in a crowded market. LiteSpeed supports branch by branch logos, colors, and other branding elements out of the box to make sure your brand is represented just as you intended.

Don't take our word for it

Learn how mortgage lenders across the country use LiteSpeed.

Encompass Lending Group
Peak Residential Lending
The Mortgage Firm
Premium Mortgage Corporation

Just a few of our integration partners

LiteSpeed works with your existing credit, verification, and eClosing partners.


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"We have been thoughtful and strategic about our tech decisions to ensure we’re investing in tools and platforms that drive real operational value. Having used some of the more well-known POS systems previously, we were looking for a more flexible platform that would deliver the essential features and functionality we need to make an impactful first impression with borrowers at a price that was affordable."

Encompass by ICE Mortgage Technology

Exclusively Integrated

LiteSpeed integrates with Encompass® by ICE Mortgage Technology™ and takes advantage of your existing investment in your loan origination system technology infrastructure.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge for implementation and training?

$0 - we do not charge an implementation or training fee.

LenderLogix is built on delivering success and earning our customers' trust every day. We do not charge implementation fees or training fees and our team will work hand in hand with your team throughout the process.

Does LiteSpeed support customizations and branch level branding?

Yes, LiteSpeed was built from the ground up to work with your Encompass environment and mirror your branding or refine it even further.

How do borrowers access LiteSpeed?

Each Loan Officer gets a unique link that they easily send to borrowers. During our guided onboarding process our team helps implement best practices including updating a lender's website and email footers to share the LiteSpeed link with as many borrowers as possible.

What Loan Folder will the LiteSpeed loan be saved in?

When you purchase LiteSpeed, we work through an onboarding worksheet that will let you choose where the loans will go in Encompass. Although most customers choose the Prospects folder, LiteSpeed is 100% configurable to your organization's specific needs.

What Document will the LiteSpeed files be categorized under?

When you purchase LiteSpeed, we work through an onboarding worksheet that will let you choose where the file uploads will go in Encompass. For most customers we create a new Document folder for the LiteSpeed uploads but others may choose to use an existing Document folder or use the Unassigned folder.

How will I be notified of a new LiteSpeed loan?

When you receive a new lead from LiteSpeed, you will receive an email and a text right away. You can even choose to copy others on the new loan notifications if you have a team that you need to keep updated in real-time.

How will I be notified of a new LiteSpeed file upload?

When a borrower uploads a new document to the LiteSpeed Needs List, you will receive an email and a text right away. You can even choose to copy others on the new file upload notifications if you have a team that you need to keep updated in real-time. LiteSpeed also supports notifying different parties as the loan progresses through the pipeline. If you want to notify your Loan Processor only after the lead turns into a bona fide application, LiteSpeed easily supports that.

What is the implementation process?

In most cases, we can have your team up and running on LiteSpeed within two weeks. Our team will work with you to ensure everything is set up for your success. We do not believe in charging upfront fees, so rest assured that getting up and running is a light lift.

Do you have references we can speak to?

Yes we certainly do! We have lenders like you across the country using LiteSpeed everyday and many of them would be happy to speak to folks interested in learning more about LiteSpeed.

Have more questions? Check out the full list of FAQs.

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We're not in the business of charging upfront or implementation fees, and we pride ourselves on world-class customer service. Our priority is getting you up and running and ensuring adoption.

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