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LenderLogix software strengthens a mortgage lender's relationships with borrowers and agents by giving them the digital tools they need.

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Digital Pre-Qualifications and Pre-Approvals

Our QuickQual software is a conversion machine that helps mortgage loan officers save time, build their brand, increase referrals, and close more deals with a customized mortgage calculator and magic pre-qualification letters.

Borrowers and agents have access to the information they need when they need it and QuickQual provides Loan Officers with analytics so that can reach out when the borrower or agent needs their expertise.

Real estate agents love that they can login to their personalized QuickQual portal at any time and see all of your mutual clients and create a new letter, especially in a competitive environment.

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Real-time Adjustments

Borrowers and Real Estate Agents can quickly and easily update pre-qualifaction letters - if they don’t qualify, QuickQual helps them contact you to discuss their options.

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Monthly Payment Summary

Gives borrowers an accurate payment scenario using MI factors from your LOS. As they change purchase prices and loan amounts, they are given instant updates to help make informed decisions.

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Controlled, Tracked, and Audited

QuickQual keeps records of all new pre-qualification letters. If you need to expire a QuickQual or revoke access, QuickQual gives you the control to do so when you need to.

Mortgage lenders, borrowers, and real estate agents all across the country love using the QuickQual digital mortgage technology ❤️

Find out how QuickQual can help you close more loans and increase customer satisfaction.

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Our suite of digital mortgage tools are proven to help mortgage lenders originate more loans and foster stronger relationships with their customers and real estate agent partners.

Learn more about what we offer and always feel free to reach out if you have any questions or would like a demo of any of our products.

Customer Testimonials

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QuickQual has increased our pre-qualification to application conversion rate and we've seen less price exceptions.

Mike Donoghue

President, Premium Mortgage Corporation

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If we ever stopped using QuickQual I would quit!


Loan Officer

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QuickQual has strengthened the relationship with both borrowers and real estate agents. They are still coming to me with questions and I feel like they are not falling off the radar once they get the pre-qualification letter.


Loan Officer

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My realtor just issued a pre-qualification letter at 9:50pm for an offer. No calls needed to me but we all connected this morning. I love this!


Loan Officer

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I have been sending to most of my clients and now to agents. They really love the freedom of running payments and closing cost scenarios.


Loan Officer

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The agents love that they can see what the client is seeing and being able to have conversations about offers.


Branch Manager

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I love the fact that if I am on the road I can still go into the mobile site and see what I have them qualified for and adjust the pre-qualification if I need to on the fly.


Loan Officer

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Premier Support & Training

Our success as a company is tied to the success of our customers. That's why we include free support and training with all of our producsts.

Best of all, our customer success team is in the United States and is made up of former loan originators and real estate agents so we know what it takes to make you and your real estate agent partners successful - we've been in your shoes.

We provide free virtual one-on-one training for you and your team and we'll even join calls with your real estate agents to tell them all about QuickQual. Contact us now to learn more! Contact Us Now!

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