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Struggling to track down appraisal payments or lock fees? Enhance your Digital Mortgage process with our Fee Chaser software that lets you text or email your customers to seamlessly collect credit card payments in real-time.


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Integrated with your Loan Origination System

Just click a button right in your Loan Origination System to send your borrower a one-time use link that lets them securely enter credit card information.

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Works with Your Payment Processor

Have you been using BluePay for years? Do you use Card Connect to process payments? Are you a Stripe customer already? No problem! Fee Chaser works with your existing payment processor so you don't need to manage multiple systems. Believe us - your accounting department will love it!

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No More Writing Down Card Numbers

You never receive your customer’s credit card number - you just receive confirmation that payment was made. Now you will avoid the sticky notes with your customer's credit card number.

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Real-Time Feedback

Loan Officers are notified when a customer completes the payment and the receipt is automatically emailed. No more asking others if the payment was made!

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Timely Payments

Across all of our Fee Chaser customers, the majority of borrowers complete their payment within 5 minutes.

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